About Us

The roots of Team One grow deep in Lexington, Kentucky.  Our owners have been in specialty advertising for a number of years and have built strong and lasting relationships by satisfying customers one by one.  Much of the business at Team One comes to us as return business from satisfied customers and from referrals when we have done the job well. We know that you have lots of options when you are promoting your company, your team, your school.  We want to be your best option. We pride ourselves in getting to know our customers, understanding your goals and budget, and delivering a great quality product on your timeline.

Team One believes in partnerships and we know that the best way for our company to succeed is for us to do the best job we can, job by job, customer by customer.  We are not about a one-time, episodic product sale.  We are about growing our business by growing your business.

As a small business owner, we take your promotional interests seriously.  We know that when a company puts its name on a product, its brand must create a positive impression.  This involves targeted product selection and customizing done well.  At Team One, we are specialty advertising professionals who want to facilitate our customers' promotions with great products, great service and great promotional impact.  When we make a promise to our customer, you can take it to the bank.